LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

for B2B Companies

Get highly targeted, cost-effective Marketing Qualified Leads for your sales team

Saratoga B2B Group provides B2B companies with a full range of field-tested LinkedIn lead generation services: 

Our campaigns for you will include quality content creation – compelling content which we’ll use as the “knowledge” offers that will make your ads boldly stand out from the crowd.

  • White papers
  • Solution briefs
  • Case studies
  • Pillar page web content
  • Cluster page web content
  • Blog post series
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • and more.

Saratoga’s differentiator? For 20 years, we’ve been writing for and communicating with IT audiences on behalf of firms like yours – whether you’re an industry bellwether, SMB, or startup.

Dare we say: we actually understand technology.

For your LinkedIn campaigns we’ll also produce:

  • Eye-catching creative; we work with strong graphic designers who also have many years of experience producing successful B2B creative

And managing the campaign itself, we’ll provide:

  • A/B testing and turnkey hands-on ad and lead-gen management – to ensure your campaigns are rolling out properly, targeting the key prospects you have in mind – always keeping an eye on balancing your prospect needs with ROI. 

Read on to learn more about how we’ll showcase your company’s core competencies to your LinkedIn target audience.

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  • Saratoga B2B delivers marketing segmentation services including Account Based Marketing (ABM) planning for your leads. We monitor and track campaigns daily, enabling us to leverage LinkedIn’s quantitative metrics to adjust ad campaigns to favor top performers and drop non-performers, a critical ROI component.We can develop any additional materials you may need to feed the funnel as prospects move closer to a purchasing decision. We’ll also assist in developing follow-up lead-nurturing plans to help keep your prospects within your orbit, and your sales team active throughout the buyer’s journey. Your LinkedIn leads can be easily synced with your sales and marketing platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Mailchimp, and many more.
Image of LinkedIn lead generation targeting capabilities for marketing job titles #1
Image of LinkedIn lead generation targeting capabilities for marketing job titles #2
LinkedIn Job title segmentation example #3

LinkedIn’s Differentiating Value for B2B firms

Why does Saratoga utilize LinkedIn for lead generation?

  • Transparency of the source of the leads: We know exactly where the leads are coming from. No low-quality black box sources here – just LinkedIn members who make personal decisions when they are on the platform.
  • Highly targeted: LinkedIn allows you to set up the campaign according to the specifications we jointly decide upon. That includes geography, industries, job titles, even specific companies (for ABM campaigns) – everything is known ahead of time.
  • Intent of the prospects: When LinkedIn members view the feeds where your ads are displayed, they are often looking for materials that help them with their jobs – a key mindset criteria of value to B2B firms.


How it Works

Each LinkedIn Ad Campaign needs a piece of premium content that’s valuable enough for LinkedIn members to agree to provide their personal information. If you’ve got content that fits the bill, great – we can use that. If not, we can help you craft appropriate content, drawing on our decades of experience crafting content for IT audiences.

In parallel, we’ll begin the actual configuration of your campaign, segmenting it for your target markets using the range of customer profiling capabilities available in LinkedIn. These include website retargeting, Matched Audiences and Account Based Marketing options.

With retargeting, we remarket to LinkedIn members who have previously visited your website, continuing the engagement with prospects who have some level of familiarity with your company. We can create multiple, parallel retargeting campaigns in LinkedIn to focus on members who visited a specific page, a series of pages or a particular section of your website.

LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences functionality enables you to upload lists of specific individuals that you’d like to target, such as from your CRM or sales platform. LinkedIn finds email addresses from your list that match addresses of LinkedIn members and displays your ads to those prospects. In addition to individuals, Saratoga B2B can create campaigns based on specific companies that are part of your ABM campaign strategy.

Here’s a partial list of the many micro-segments we focus on with our LinkedIn lead generation service:

  • LinkedIn members who have previously visited your website 
  • Members who have previously visited specific pages on your website 
  • Members you already have in your CRM and other platforms 
  • New prospects, targeted by job titles (e.g., VPs, network engineers, software architects, etc.)
  • New prospects, targeted by job functions (e.g., accounting, engineering, HR, etc.)
  • New prospects, targeted by job skills (e.g., Cisco certifications, Salesforce Sales Cloud, etc.)
  • New prospects, targeted by geo-location
  • New prospects by company (Account Based Marketing)
  • New prospects based on company size
  • New prospects, based on company industry
  • New prospects, based on LinkedIn’s “Interest” targeting capabilities, based on topics that a member reads about, comments on, likes, follows or shares
  • Retargeting to prospects who downloaded a previous offer in LinkedIn
  • Many more 

If you opt to collect leads within LinkedIn, we can help you automatically flow them into your CRM or other sales support system. We then work with you to create a calendar outlining a lead nurturing plan to ensure prospects receive a mix of content that matches where they are in the buyer’s journey. Here again, Saratoga B2B can draw on our deep experience in the IT trade press to ensure your messaging resonates with IT buyers and decision makers while reflecting the benefits your company offers.

We can also work with your teams to develop a regular cadence of blog posts for your website (which will double as posts on your LinkedIn company page) and new website pages specific to the prospects you’ve obtained. Any kind of content marketing material is in our wheelhouse, including email marketing, remarketing Sponsored Content, LinkedIn InMails and more.

For example, if you are using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator prospecting tool, we can help craft customized messages for follow-up InMail messaging to all the LinkedIn members who gave you their contact information in your original content offer.

We will also help you navigate the other high-performance features in Sales Navigator, including:

  • Creation and management of customized lead lists for your sales team
  • Segmentation of your lead lists by territory, job title, job function, seniority level, number of years at a company, level of expertise (e.g., certifications)
  • Lots more

Once your first LinkedIn lead generation campaigns have begun delivering new prospects, Saratoga B2B can develop additional ad campaigns using other content offerings, to draw in additional leads from those prospects who didn’t express interest, or didn’t see, your first campaigns. At the same time, we’ll develop the remarketing materials for the new leads from the previous campaigns.

Running a LinkedIn lead-gen campaign requires ongoing agility, and often quick shifts in execution. The kickoff and start-up phases require hours of setup and monitoring time in order to identify the optimal creative and cost-per-click/cost-per-lead bidding strategy. The early phases require ongoing fine-tuning of the target prospect segmentation and dozens of other details to effectively implement the campaign. Saratoga handles this work on a daily, even hourly basis, where necessary.

Get more details on the functions Saratoga B2B performs for LinkedIn ad campaigns in our five-part series: How to Set Up LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.

Among the nuts and bolts topics covered in the series include:

  • How to create an ad account in LinkedIn
  • How to create a Campaign Group, and Campaigns under the Campaign Group umbrella
  • How to create segments revolving around job titles, companies worked for (Account Based Marketing), company location, company size, and more
  • How to upload and utilize LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences to use your existing customer list to find other prospects who match one or more of the attributes of your existing customers
  • How to set up budgets to manage your campaigns, from cost-per-lead/cost-per-click determinations to daily and total budget numbers
  • How to capture up to seven pieces of information about your prospects, if you decide to use LinkedIn’s internal lead generation forms
  • How to optimize use of LinkedIn’s lead generation forms to meet the needs of your firm’s sales force
  • How to download your leads and integrate them into the appropriate platforms in order to enable your sales force to seamlessly nurture and contact them

Our series on setting up LinkedIn ad campaigns can be found on the following pages:

Part 1: Setting up LinkedIn ad campaigns for IT B2B lead generation

Part 2: Segmenting a LinkedIn ad campaign

Part 3: Uploading Matched Audiences for LinkedIn ad campaigns

Part 4: Combining Matched Audiences & filtered lists for LinkedIn ad campaigns

Part 5: Setting up Lead Generation Forms for LinkedIn ad campaigns

Part 6: Downloading leads from LinkedIn ad campaigns

And to learn how Saratoga goes about writing compelling IT white papers for your LinkedIn campaigns, you can read our 5-part “How to write a white paper for an IT audience” series:

Part 1: How to write a white paper for an IT Audience, including LinkedIn

Part 2: Refining your white paper topic for LinkedIn audiences and others

Part 3: Coming up with an inviting format that’ll draw readers in from LinkedIn and elsewhere

Part 4: Finding the best writer and a tried-and-true approach to getting the job done

Part 5: Getting your paper in front of your target audience in LinkedIn and elsewhere – without breaking the budget

**To learn about several potential downsides with LinkedIn campaigns, see our article “LinkedIn B2B Tech Ad Campaigns Using Lead Gen forms – 4 Key Drawbacks Explained for Marketers



Leveraging LinkedIn’s AI and machine learning: As of March 2019: LinkedIn’s “lookalike” audiences

We’re also excited at Saratoga B2B about the rollout of LinkedIn’s new lookalike audiences feature. Lookalike is a great example of how we can leverage LinkedIn’s world-class machine-learning capabilities for your benefit. Building a lookalike audience will enable your firm to identify LinkedIn members who are currently not on your radar but who match important characteristics of prospects and customers you already have.

With lookalikes, we can upload a list of your current prospects and customers, and LinkedIn will identify members who match your core audience.

For example, LinkedIn can find companies with traits similar to the ones at which your core audience works at and pinpoint individuals who have the same job titles and other characteristics as the individuals you’ve uploaded in Matched Audience lists.

Update: Saratoga has done some exploratory lookalike list creations (March 2019), and found the following lists were created:

  • A Matched Audience list of large companies, which resulted in 22 million potential members, generated a lookalike list of another 20 million members.
  • A website retargeting list of 2,000 names resulted in a LinkedIn lookalike list of 24,000 names — 12 times the size of the original list

As LinkedIn notes, with this strategy you can expand your Account Based Marketing plans using your lookalike audiences, targeting your ads to additional companies you may not have previously considered. Since these companies share core traits with companies that are already your customers, it’s quite possible these leads will have higher conversion rates than average.

This is a totally new area where Saratoga B2B can help your company plug into the machine-learning expertise of LinkedIn and open up new lead-generation opportunities for you throughout 2019.

Get in touch with us today if you want to go over in more depth machine learning with LinkedIn.

Cool Use Case: Using LinkedIn “Likes” as a form of lead generation in certain instances

If you are targeting a very specific group with a LinkedIn Sponsored Content ad, and you can mention that group in your ad, you may be able to generate enough enthusiasm for the message in your ad to your target audience whereby a sizable percentage of the audience chooses to “like” your ad.

Here’s where LinkedIn can offer IT vendors a real boost in two related ways.

First, when a LinkedIn member “likes” an ad, your team (and most LinkedIn members as well) will be able to see who that person is by clicking on the “Reactions Like” button under the image of the post.

Your sales team can then view this list via the button click, and quickly obtain the name and the “headline” they’ve chosen to use for their LinkedIn profile. The headline usually has the job title and the company the member works for. From here, the sales team can find the correct profile page of the person, and in most instances, be able to “message” them to thank them for “liking” the contents of the ad.

This can often start a conversation between your sales team and the individual. After all, the individual did “like” the ad’s content in the first place.

One use case example: If you are planning to attend an IT event and will be promoting a new partnership with specific firms, you could target your ad copy and image to your core audience within the firm (e.g., tech workers, or marketing team members). Perhaps you are making the suggestion that a new partnership will likely enable the target firm to increase their market share in a lucrative line of business. And that you will be showcasing these opportunities at an upcoming event which you know the target firm will be attending (or better yet, sponsoring). You may get a slew of “likes” from your Account Based Marketing target firm, in this case.

As an added bonus, since LinkedIn is social media (for business), “likes” often beget more likes. If an individual sees that 10, or 20, or 100 of her fellow co-workers has already liked the contents of the ad, the probabilities go up that a person wants to add their name to the list of likes. Then in Google Analytics (GA) you will be able to obtain anonymous aggregated statistics for the LinkedIn members who came to your site’s landing page from the campaign. In addition to the overall number of visits you can use GA to uncover other valuable information about your click-thrus, including:

  • The city/region and/or state/province they came from
  • The country they came from
  • The type of device they used to connect with your site
  • The date they visited
  • How many new visitors vs. returning visitors
  • The language they are using as the default in their browser

This information can be particularly valuable. You want to know if your messaging and filtering is attracting the right subset of prospects. If it turns out you are not attracting individuals from a specific country or territory your sales force is looking to attract new prospects from, then GA will give you a strong clue about this less-than-ideal situation. Once armed with this information, you can customize the messaging in your ads, in order to identify methods that will better attract your key targets.

Saratoga B2B can set up, manage and provide daily or weekly reporting for these types of campaigns where you want to integrate analytics and tracking from LinkedIn with Google Analytics.

Saratoga will provide value and help you rise above the LinkedIn din

The principals at Saratoga B2B Group have been producing quality content and managing targeted lead-gen campaigns for B2B IT firms since the early 2000s (read our story on our About Us page). With our decades of experience adding value for IT marketing teams like yours, and of producing high-quality content intended for an IT audience, our principals are well-versed in all aspects of strategic sales and marketing efforts. We also have strong ties with many other partner resources in the IT industry, which we draw upon as necessary to make your next lead generation campaign a success. 

Working with you and your team, Saratoga’s LinkedIn marketing projects are focused on: 

  • Effectively communicating to LinkedIn members your expertise in appropriate business segments and the unique benefits of your products/services, to educate members about the value of your offerings 
  • Developing a razor-sharp segmentation strategy to get in front of the prospects that matter most to your sales teams
  • Creating a long-term sustainable ROI roadmap and editorial calendar for your campaign, creating a path that nurtures the leads obtained and providing services to help sales move prospects closer to a purchasing decision
  • Providing ongoing optimization and improvement of existing campaigns based on data-driven decision-making tools (e.g., A/B testing for ad copy and creative)


Our LinkedIn campaigns follow a project-based roadmap:

Understand your strategic marketing plan

Align your LinkedIn campaign to the strategic plan

Identify the targeted segments of prospects you want to engage with, and develop benefit-driven creative to attract the right individuals

Test; monitor and analyze results; learn; optimize

Saratoga B2B can produce content that historically has done well on LinkedIn, including:

  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics and other types of data visualizations
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • Interviews/Q&As
  • Customer testimonials
  • E-books


And we can help connect you with LinkedIn members using:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Company pages
  • Sales Navigator InMail
  • Your CRM

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