Combining Matched Audiences & filtered lists for LinkedIn ad campaigns for B2B lead generation

In part 4 of our 6-part series on how to set up and run a LinkedIn lead generation campaign. In this segment, you’ll learn how to combine an uploaded Matched Audience list of companies with a filtered list of LinkedIn individuals. At Saratoga B2B, we believe our specialized and personalized service differentiates our LinkedIn lead generation service from others in the field.  

Recap: In Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the series we set up a LinkedIn campaign named “Fortune 500” within the “Software engineers” campaign group. We limited our list to software engineers based in California. In addition, we uploaded an Excel file listing Fortune 500 firms to LinkedIn. Now we’re going to join these two efforts and create a campaign targeting software engineers in California who work for Fortune 500 companies — all in support of our theoretical marketing activity to support a California-based sales team.

Step 1: Click back to the initial Campaign Manager index page and click on the account we created previously, “IT firm account #1,” then on the “Software engineers” campaign group. Hover your mouse over “Fortune 500” and click on “Manage.”
IT account example in linkedin screenshot
"Manage" screenshot from lI
Now you are back in the Campaign Details page of the Fortune 500 campaign. Here, you’ll add the Fortune 500 company list to the California software engineers filter.
combo job titles and geo-location screenshot from LI
Step 2: Just below the Software engineer selection, click on “Matched audiences,” then “Uploaded Lists.”
uploaded lists screenshot from LI
Step 3: In the Uploaded lists, click on the “Fortune 500 list of companies” Matched Audience list we created earlier:
uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin
Step 4: Your three filters – California, Software Engineer and Fortune 500 list of companies – are now all in one place, as shown below. You have successfully laid the groundwork for your LinkedIn targeted campaign.
all-inclusive matched list, geo-loco and job title list for LinkedIN
You are now ready to determine the budget and timeframe for your campaign, as well as upload ads and to use LinkedIn’s lead generation forms to obtain profile information of new target prospects. In the next section of the LinkedIn ads tutorial we’ll cover how to accomplish this.
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