Downloading leads from LinkedIn ad campaigns for B2B lead generation

Main goals: Finalize the configuration of a LinkedIn Sponsored Content ad campaign. Download the leads you obtain using LinkedIn’s lead generation forms.

Recap: Previously, in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, we set up a LinkedIn campaign named “Fortune 500” within the “Software engineers” campaign group. We also geo-targeted our list to include software engineers based in California. The campaign is now ready to go live ― after two more minor housekeeping chores.

Step 1: Below the profile data that we chose to obtain from downloaders (see the seven pieces of data below), open the “Confirmation” block. Fill in the “Message” field that you want the white paper downloaders to see after they submit their profile data. In this case, we chose “To download your white paper, click on the “Download now” button below.” In the field “Landing Page URL” below “Message” enter the landing page where your un-gated white paper will be available ― and where your prospect will be taken when they click on “Download now,” which is the call-to-action button we’re using in this example.

7 profile fields for downloaders in LI
messaging field for downloaders screenshot from linkedin
Step 2: Now we are ready to turn on the campaign. Return to the Campaign Group page, and hover over the “Software engineer” group we created. Then, click on the Edit icon that pops up to the right. Set the Software engineers Campaign Group to active, and set an end date in the future. Here we set it for April 4, 2020 (you will want to set it for sometime sooner than this, most likely). Then “activate the “Software engineers” group and the Fortune 500 campaign, and the campaign should kick off.
software engineers screenshot from linkedin
uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin
uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin
uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin
Step 3: To begin reviewing your leads, go back to the Campaign Manager home page in LinkedIn, and click on the Account Assets drop down and then on “Lead Gen Forms.” Find the name of your campaign on the left side of the list, and over to the right on that row, click on the ellipsis and then “download leads.” Your leads will be downloaded in an Excel file.


uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin
uploaded list exact example screenshot from linkedin

Note to readers. This tutorial series is not covering the integration of your leads with your CRM system or other marketing solutions. To get a very good sample of the ways you can import your LinkedIn leads to other systems, Zapier handles many of these opportunities.

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