Podcast: Ideas for Boosting Your Google Rankings

Podcast: Two B2B SEO Customer Success Stories: How Pica8 and Indico Achieved Page 1 Google Rankings

I recently talked with IT thought leaders & journalists Paul Gillin and David Strom for their FIR B2B podcast series. The conversation contained so much information we wound up making it a two-parter.

In Part 1 of “SEO Secrets with Charley Spektor,” I discuss two recent B2B customer success stories, some keys to success with SEO, and how even small companies can have greater SEO success if they pick their spots carefully.

In Part 2, we talk about tools marketers can use to improve SEO, common mistakes they make, how to provide the best content mix on websites, and tips for staying abreast of the Google curve.

Below are some edited snippets from the podcast.

Charley Spektor: Content creation isn’t dead on the web…there is a role for content creation, and Paul (Desmond) has been doing that for 20 years with IT companies…Paul and I have come up with some great customer success stories over the past year which we’ve been able to share…there are thousands of these opportunities for B2B companies to rank on page 1 [of Google] for either their hardware product, software or service, that I think, are being ignored…across the board.

I’ll give you an example of Pica8…they are challenging legacy vendors in the [enterprise] network operating system [space]…some huge players…they use white box switches in their service…they didn’t have a dedicated page for white box switches…we [created] a page with great content for white box switches…layered it with SEO…if you type in white box switches, you’ll see that Pica8 ranks anywhere between 1 and 5, depending on your browser.

David Strom: So isn’t this a lot of voodoo? I get calls from people all the time and all they are doing is keyword stuffing and meta-tagging…how do you separate out the charlatans from the people who genuinely understand the technology?

Charley: A lot of upfront research…I spend hours…in the initial phase looking at opportunities – it’s really a competitive analysis that we start off with….In the case of Pica8, since they are a startup, we were looking for “flanking maneuvers” – we weren’t going to go head-on trying to rank for a term that the top players are using. We were looking to use the differentiation that Pica8 had, and that differentiation was white box switches…. And there are all these great tools now, SEO-wise, either for your internal team or your external team, and you can utilize these tools, piggybacking upon what Google offers [Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, Analytics]…you can come up with some reasonable assumptions…if we create the right type of content…we could potentially compete in this area. And that’s what we did with Pica8…

Here is Paul and Dave’s description of the two-parter:

For the next two weeks we talk with Charley Spektor, principal at Saratoga B2B Group. Charley and his partner, veteran tech writer Paul Desmond, bring clients the one-two punch of SEO and content expertise for B2B lead generation. Charley was formerly lead managing consultant at Stone Temple Consulting for Home Depot, which has been one of the few great success stories of a brick-and-mortar retailer embracing e-commerce. In these two podcasts, we discuss what are the elements of success in a discipline that changes constantly, how B2B buyers use search differently than consumers and how even small companies can dominate search results if they pick their targets carefully. Read this blog post about two recent Saratoga B2B customer success stories for further background on the case studies we discuss.

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