SEO-informed Content Helps B2B Tech Firm Drive Dramatic Increase in Quality Leads

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Indico proves effective SEO research and quality content can translate to success in Google search, driving website traffic – and leads

Indico, a startup in the artificial intelligence software space, has seen an increase averaging 39% quarter-over-quarter in the number of marketing-qualified leads (MQL) from organic search thanks to a strategy focused on developing in-depth website content informed by extensive search engine optimization (SEO) research. The strategy has the company ranking on page 1 for a variety of relevant keywords, leading to a steady increase in traffic – and leads. 

The strategy centered on the creation of two “pillar pages” that describe in depth the challenges Indico customers face and potential solutions, along with a series of blog posts that home in on specific examples. The initial pillar page, focused on Indico’s core “intelligent process automation” technology, quickly began ranking on page 1 of Google. Over the course of seven months, that page and supporting blog posts have driven a 182% increase in click-throughs to Indico’s website.


A shift in strategy

Indico faced an interesting challenge in early 2019. Its website was getting a fair amount of traffic to pages that described its technology in deep scientific detail. But the traffic wasn’t translating to leads because it was coming from the wrong audience – data scientists. While these data scientists were interested in the technology behind Indico’s software, they weren’t necessarily interested in buying the software, which helps companies automate business processes involving documents containing unstructured content.

Indico learned it had more success by targeting business process professionals who are looking to streamline processes. Indico’s software helps companies automate the processing of documents such as invoices, insurance claims, titles and deeds, and many other documents that may come in various different, unstructured formats. 

To draw in those process professionals, Indico needed website content that targeted their specific pain points. In the spring of 2019, Indico signed on with Saratoga B2B Group to help it create that content. The strategy was twofold:

  • Conduct extensive SEO research to determine what keywords Indico competitors were ranking well for in Google search, and for which Indico likewise had a reasonable chance of success.
  • Create content that describes the challenges Indico’s software addresses and also includes those relevant keywords.

In a matter of weeks after launching the “intelligent process automation” (IPA) pillar page with some 1,400 words of content, Indico was ranking on page 1 of Google for the term, along with other, related terms. At the same time, its website traffic began to rise steadily – and this time, from visitors who had “intent,” meaning they were interested in buying the software.

“We replaced traffic that wasn’t fruitful with traffic that’s more meaningful, from folks who are interested in the product,” says Jeremy Stinson, Director of Demand Generation for Indico. “We were very pleased with how quickly we began to see results.” 

With website traffic now coming from potential buyers, Indico has also seen a steady increase in the number of leads its site is driving. While the company did not want to share exact numbers, it has steadily increased its number of leads every quarter since launching the campaign in July 2019, for a total increase of 364% in 2019 vs. 2018. The trend is continuing into 2020.

Blog posts lead to second pillar page

Part of that success is also attributed to Indico increasing its blog post cadence. Saratoga B2B again helped out by working with Stinson and his team to map out a series of posts that touched on Indico’s technology and how it differed from the competition, as well as specific use cases for the technology. Here again, each post was informed by SEO research and included a number of relevant keywords.

One of the posts, which compared Indico’s IPA technology to a competing “robotic process automation” (RPA) technology, began to do particularly well in Google search. Consequently, it likewise was driving significant website traffic.

Saratoga B2B suggested creating a second pillar page focused on the differences between IPA and RPA. To capitalize on the strong Google ranking of the RPA-focused blog post, we suggested a 301 redirect from the blog post to the new RPA pillar page. The pillar page contains the same information as the blog post, and more, so visitors still get the information they’re expecting.

That strategy also paid off, as that second pillar page quickly began showing on page 1 of Google search for several relevant keywords and is now driving significant traffic to Indico’s website.

SEO-informed content pays dividends

Since creating the pillar pages, Saratoga B2B continues to work with Indico to add relevant content based on opportunities our SEO research uncovers. The original IPA pillar page now has more than 2,500 words, for example, up from 1,400. 

The results we’ve seen with Indico illustrate the potential Google presents for lead generation when content highlighting a firm’s benefits is fused with well-researched SEO analysis. In the age of Google BERT, it’s more important now than ever for companies to produce content that uses relevant keywords, but in a natural way – as we did with Indico’s blog posts and pillar pages.

“I’ve dealt with firms that claim SEO alone can solve your problems. I don’t buy it. But our experience shows when you marry SEO research and expertise with well-crafted, targeted content, you really can drive more traffic and, most importantly, qualified leads.”

– Jeremy Stinson, Director of Demand Generation, Indico

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