Google PPC Services

Google PPC keyword research and ad campaign management

Saratoga’s paid search campaigns aim to deliver qualified traffic to your website in a cost-effective manner to generate a steady stream of leads.

We start our campaigns with a kickoff call with you and your team, to identify the types of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that are right for your business.

We’ll review your past PPC campaigns to determine where you’ve had success and where you hit roadblocks.

Saratoga will conduct extensive analysis and keyword research in order to develop a feasible plan which incorporates your overall objectives and goals. Based on those goals, as well as your budget and execution timeline, we’ll devise and scope a project plan.

During each phase of the project, we’ll continually be monitoring results, and adjusting the plan as necessary to improve results.

Google PPC campaigns follow a project-based process:


Project kickoff call to define your company’s PPC marketing goals and areas of focus in applicable business sectors.


Define the goals, activities, and resources required for PPC content creation and placement. 


Begin implementation of the project plan, including the use of feedback loops to adjust the plan based on early results/successes as they come in.


Manage and control processes and provide reports on interim results. Meet with your team on an as-needed basis (at least weekly is recommended).


Evaluate and report on results, identifying successes, weaknesses and ideas for building upon the successes and improve any sub-optimal areas.

Google remarketing ads

One type of PPC ad that Saratoga considers of exceptional value for B2B is Google’s “remarketing” ads, which enable you to reconnect with potential customers who have already visited your website (We also plan remarketing campaigns on LinkedIn).

Google will display your firm’s remarketing ads to website visitors after they leave your site, when they use Google search or visit other websites or apps which display Google ads. Probably you’ve experienced this: If you search on a pair of shoes, you’ll see start seeing ads for shoes while doing unrelated searches. 

Saratoga can help you employ dynamic remarketing, a customized, finely tuned version that shows tailored, micro-targeted ads based on the specific pages a visitor looks at on your site. For example, if a prospect visits a page with information on a piece of hardware you sell, we can ensure the prospect later sees an ad specifically related to that hardware.

Customer list remarketing is another variation Saratoga can manage for you. Contact information for current customers, or potential customers, is used in conjunction with Google ad campaigns to show your company’s ads to these users while they’re signed into their Google accounts. 

For further information on all our Google paid ad management program, get in touch with Saratoga, and we’ll tailor our services to provide the best plan based upon your strategic goals.

Also interested in a LinkedIn remarketing ad program? Saratoga can help you with that as well. Click on our LinkedIn services page for more info.

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