Technical SEO Audits

Thorough SEO analysis to uncover issues that hinder website search performance

Your website’s underlying technical structure will often affect its performance in search engine results. A technical audit of your site will uncover factors which may be contributing to sub-optimal performance.

For example, the speed at which your pages render in browsers, particularly on mobile devices, is now an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. So is the quality and quantity of your site’s overall content. If Google determines a large percentage of pages on your site contain low-quality “thin” content, it may downgrade the overall performance of the site in organic search.

As a B2B SEO agency, Saratoga provides parts of a technical audit as part of our standard engagements as well as full-scale audits as a stand-alone service, incorporating page speed analysis, thin content and many other in-depth analyses.

Optimize your site architecture to improve search visibility

Saratoga will conduct a comprehensive technical site audit to discover all issues which could be causing your site performance to be sub-optimal. We’ll provide actionable recommendations for fixing issues, as well as prioritize the importance of the issues we find. Our technical audits begin with a comprehensive crawl of your site, which provides us with a wealth of quantitative data to dig into and analyze. The performance data we’ll analyze and report on includes:

  • URL site structure, including home page, category, sub-category and product or informational pages
  • Internal linking structure issues, including:
    • Lack of coherent internal crosslinking, especially between clusters of pages with related content and links to and from key pages, such as the home page
    • Broken links to internal and external pages
    • Orphan pages that don’t link to any other pages
  • Page speed issues
  • Mobile-friendly optimization issues
  • Page index issues (e.g., inadvertent blocking code in robots.txt file, or no-index meta tags)
  • Title tag naming inadequacies, including pages with no title tags, duplicate title tags or titles with weak descriptions of what’s on the page
  • Meta description weaknesses, including where no description exists (this impacts click-through rate from search to website)
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Duplicate body content
  • Thin content page issues
  • HTTP Status Code Errors, including 3xx redirect issues and 4xx and 5xx errors
  • Crawl budget review issues
  • Canonical tag issues
  • Paginated pages issues
  • Parameter settings issues
  • Schema markup issues
  • Sub-domain setup issues
  • JavaScript use issues
  • XML sitemap implementation errors, or lack of an XML sitemap
  • And many more checkpoints

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