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B2B SEO solutions that drive B2B Lead Generation

The three pillars of our B2B SEO marketing strategies for IT firms and other tech companies focus on using specialized SEO research methods to identify opportunities, and then work with you and your team to apply these opportunities to improve your visibility in Google search:

•Creation of subject-matter-expert quality content for your B2B website, including pillar pages (aka content hubs), cluster pages (aka spoke pages), blog post series documenting your thought-leadership and expert-practitioner differentiation, technical white papers, solution briefs, and more
•Field-tested SEO competitive analysis fused with thorough keyword research in organic search, to identify search term opportunities for “intent-based” search queries used by your targeted IT decision makers
B2B Seo expert content (e.g., white papers) used as offers for LinkedIn lead generation and other Tier 1 lead gen channels

As an experienced IT marketer, you know that B2B buyers and decision influencers often begin their vendor-discovery searches for new software, services and products with an informational organic web search on Google. Prospects use the search to begin compiling their short list of potential providers.

Our team at Saratoga B2B uses our powerful SEO research techniques to identify opportunities for your firm to reach prospects during this critical initial stage of the buying cycle. Organic search works alongside peer recommendations and mentions of your company in respected, relevant media. Organic search provides a steady stream of lead gen prospects and tremendous ROI to those firms which execute on it successfully. And if prospects find you in search results, it’s likely at the expense of your competitors.

In our experience it’s quite common for a strong B2B technology website to obtain 50% or more of its visitors via the organic search channel (check out your own Google Analytics to see if this matches your profile). Converting as much of this qualified traffic into leads can be indispensable for your company’s short- and long-term growth.

The B2B SEO and lead generation projects which Saratoga B2B Group will engage with your firm on typically start with an initial discovery phase, drilling down into your specific lines of business to map out a benchmark of where you are situated in Google search today – both your strengths and your weaknesses. We’ll take the time to better understand exactly what your company’s business plans and goals are, and how your digital marketing goals intersect with the plans. We’ll do a deep-dive competitive analysis, which will give us the gap information on where your competitors are outperforming your firm. Hidden inside the gaps, of course, are also the opportunities for your firm.

We’ll provide an extensive review of your site’s current content and site architecture/structure. We’ll be looking in particular to discover ideas for jump-starting pilot projects that will provide proofs of concept for sustainable plans which we can then scale up for your business. We utilize a wide array of specialized data-analysis software to identify these opportunities which quantify end users’ queries in Google.

As we’ve noted, concurrent with a review of your own site, we’ll perform an extensive competitive analysis of your major competitors, to put together a roadmap that outlines your current digital landscape.

We’ll present actionable plans to improve your site’s performance in organic search over the short term, while fitting any short-term initiatives within the framework of an overall longer-term strategic goal: achieving sustainable competitive advantages for your B2B lead generation over the long term.

Read Our 2019 B2B Lead Gen Case Study for Tech Firm Pica8

Learn how we created new quality content for Pica8’s website, crafted with SEO best practices, and managed a successful LinkedIn Sponsored campaign resulting in over 100 targeted leads.

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Read Our 2019 B2B Lead Gen Case Study for Tech Firm Pica8

Learn how we created new quality content for Pica8’s website, crafted with SEO best practices, and managed a successful LinkedIn Sponsored campaign resulting in over 100 targeted leads.

Click here to read the case study

Data sources we utilize in our SEO analyses include:

Google Search Console (GSC)

GSC provides a wealth of data about who is actually visiting your site. GSC data we factor into our optimization efforts includes:

  • Current search queries for which you are receiving traffic
  • Queries for which you are showing up in search results but not enjoying a strong click-through rate
  • Pages that are being shown in the highest positions in organic search for key queries
  • The relative performance of branded and non-branded searches
  • Much more

Google Analytics (GA)

Organic traffic data we examine includes:

  • Landing page distributions
  • Navigation summaries for key pages, including “prior page” and “next page” analysis
  • Exit and bounce rates
  • Dozens of other metrics and dimensions, to understand your site’s current performance

We also will use this data to create a series of content clusters, to determine “thematically” where you have low and high search visibility. This is a major component of the data we’ll use to identify opportunities to improve search results

(If you don’t have Google Search Console or Analytics set up, that will be one of the first orders of business that Saratoga will help you take care of.)

3rd-party data, including quantitative competitive analysis

In addition to GSC and GA, Saratoga utilizes an array of other research and performance monitoring tools, particularly to analyze competitors’ sites, for which Google tools do not provide direct insight.

Our multi-sourced data analysis approach gives Saratoga a robust business analytics overview of you and your competitors’ search universe.

Also included in our search for new ranking opportunities is extensive research and activities regarding Google’s ever-expanding “position zero” in SERPs – the featured snippets, card lists and answer boxes that appear at the top of organic results. We will also investigate opportunities where videos can create new options for increased visibility, whether in YouTube, Google, or other search engines.

We combine all these data sources and produce actionable reports to help prioritize decision-making. We’ll look to identify low-hanging fruit, such as search queries where your average rankings are at the bottom of page 1 or top of page 2, and where there is sufficient volume to make the business case for taking action to boost these rankings.

Major components of our SEO planning include:

Determining “user intent” for keywords related to your business

Discovering where, how and why your competitors are outranking you

This discovery includes uncovering potential website problems, which often include “thin” content that doesn’t address users’ queries as well as competitors do. The discovery phase also includes a review of technical SEO issues: e.g., accidental placement of no-index meta tags on individual pages, or rogue disallows in your robots.txt file, both of which can inadvertently prevent Google from indexing key pages.

Finding current pockets of strength for search queries

We capture where you currently excel in order to build on these successes and expand them to additional users’ search queries.

For many B2B firms, an SEO project must take into account not only direct business competitors but also industry news sites, which often are among the biggest competitors for Google search engine results pages (SERP) real estate. Attempting to dislodge news sites can often be difficult, and lead to a drain on resources and budget. Saratoga employs dozens of filters in our SEO research to find search queries you can realistically compete for.

Our SEO research does pay extremely close attention to your business competitors which are performing well in organic search. We’ll identify patterns that may reveal how these companies are achieving strong results, and look for ways you can compete and improve your own strategy by learning from your strongest competitors. We will often recommend conducting pilot projects to test out different methods. These pilots often provide proof of concept, which can then guide us toward larger scalable actions.

Saratoga will also analyze your current backlink profile as part of our SEO game plan. A backlink profile is the list of sites that connect to yours, and their perceived authority relative to other sites within the same business sector. Google continues to confirm that backlinks are often one of the key factors used by its search algorithm that determines which search results it shows, in which order, on organic results pages.

We will carefully review your backlinks, and those of your competitors, to see how you stack up. We’ll identify realistic, cost-effective opportunities to improve your backlink profile, if it appears that this could further tilt the organic search odds in your favor.

Keeping your Winners Winning

During our SEO strategic review, we’ll pay special attention to the search queries that you already rank well for and make recommendations aimed at keeping your SERP dominance for these keywords and the larger business categories they belong to. We’ll look to identify the patterns that help explain your top successes. We’ll create pilot projects to test techniques found in these successful areas, to see if they can be migrated across other sectors of your business and website.

All phases of Saratoga B2B SEO work are performed by Google Analytics Certified Specialists.

SEO to Earn “First Mover” Status

An additional layer of our SEO services involves situations where you may want to highlight new technologies, products and services which are in the early adopters phase. Quickly translating your subject matter expertise and thought leadership onto your website in an SEO-friendly manner can set you up for years of dominance in organic search, providing a sustainable competitive advantage that grows in size as customer demand grows.

If you feel Saratoga B2B Group may be a good fit as an SEO business partner for your company, please get in touch – we appreciate the chance to speak with you and see if we are a good match.

Enhance your performance where you currently have search query gaps

Maintain your competitive advantage for search queries you rank well for

Establish “first mover” search query advantage in emerging technologies related to your business

Comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) services to ensure prospects and current customers find your company in organic search. Our campaigns follow a project-based process:


Project kickoff call to define your company’s digital goals, strategy and competitive position in applicable business sectors.


Perform content gap analysis, keyword research, backlink and competitive analyses, to identify initial SEO opportunities. Create a project plan that details the proposed roadmap, timeline and activities to effectively execute the plan.


Begin implementation of the project plan, including the use of feedback loops to adjust the plan (within scope) based on early results/successes as they come in.


Manage and control processes and provide reports on interim results. Meet with your team on an as-needed basis (at least a weekly call is recommended).


Evaluate and report on results, identifying successes, weaknesses and ideas for follow-on projects to build upon the successes and improve any sub-optimal areas.

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