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SEO-informed Content Helps B2B Tech Firm Drive Dramatic Increase in Quality Leads

Indico proves effective SEO research and quality content can translate to success in Google search, driving website traffic – and leads

Our latest blog post on the American Marketing Association-Boston website

How to Improve Your Google Search Results
in the Age of BERT

Podcast: B2B Customer Success Stories with Google Search

Check out Saratoga B2B’s podcast with IT thought leaders & journalists Paul Gillin and David Strom at FIR B2B: “SEO Secrets with Charley Spektor.”

Among the topics we cover:

  • How have Google’s algorithms evolved over the past couple of years? What are the long-term trends in the field?
  • What are the most common misperceptions marketers have about how to optimize for search? What are the most frequent mistakes they make?
  • The importance of quality content to SEO: what does that mean exactly?
  • What’s a good keyword selection strategy?
  • What are the stages of the SEO assessments we perform for clients?
  • Which B2B SEO formulas are working well in 2019?
  • What new wrinkles has mobility introduced to the equation?
  • Should people care about Bing?

It was so much info they needed two segments to cover it all. You’ll find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

“I strongly recommend Saratoga B2B Group. They provide unique and very valuable skills in creating rich SEO-aware content. What you get is a site that is both interesting to humans and interesting to Google. Hard to do, but they do it.” Tim Negris, SVP, Rulex

American Marketing Association Podcast: Saratoga B2B Discusses
Field-tested SEO Techniques

Meghan McGrath, president-elect of AMA’s Boston Chapter, talks secrets to success with Saratoga B2B’s Charley Spektor in this AMA Boston 20-minute podcast.

Saratoga's New Podcast with American Marketing Association's Prez-elect Meghan McGrath 120519

IT Marketing Insights Blog

Check out our blog series: “IT Marketing Insights: The Practitioners” Our latest: 35-year Tech Pro Chris Carleton Explains the Value of Earned Media

Who we are: Saratoga B2B Group

Saratoga is a B2B SEO Agency that combines two skill sets not often found in the same company: SEO expertise and content marketing development. Another differentiator: we are focused on the IT space, taking advantage of our years of experience developing content for IT audiences. From AI and cloud to mobile and security – we’ve written about it all. We’ll be able to quickly grasp your company’s value proposition and write about it coherently.

We draw on our IT and SEO expertise to improve lead-generation performance for clients through services including:

  • Lead-generation campaigns that attract new prospects, as well as reinforce your presence with current customers.
  • Inbound Marketing, including creation and management of expertly written short- and long-form content for websites (blog posts, white papers, case studies, etc.) to educate prospects about your products and services. All content is skillfully fused with field-tested Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research. The goal: drive more decision-makers to your website via improved performance in Google organic search.
  • B2B social media marketing on LinkedIn, including ad campaign management, design and creation of compelling ads, and development of premium content to drive qualified decision makers to your website.

Our principals, Paul Desmond and Charley Spektor (see more about us), have been working with B2B firms on lead generation, digital marketing and content creation since 2000, following more than a decade of IT trade press experience. We focus on the creation and management of differentiated, compelling expert content informed by expert SEO research to boost the quantity – and quality – of your leads.
We’ve been highly successful improving our clients’ rankings in Google organic search, leading to marked increases in impressions and organic traffic.
We’ve also used our expertise in short- and long-form content development to create successful ad campaigns that drive qualified prospects to client websites from LinkedIn.
Having worked with IT and other B2B companies for more than two decades, we know how to work efficiently and effectively with in-house teams and marketing leaders to develop sustainable strategies that lead to success.

How We Approach Our Project-based Work: Initiation

Kickoff call to understand your company’s business goals and digital marketing objectives. Saratoga B2B researches opportunities based on this input


Create a project plan, defining the activities, resources, scope, budget and timeline necessary to carry out the plan


Implement the project plan, including extensive use of data-driven agile feedback mechanisms to adjust as necessary


Monitor and manage all activities and processes using a series of specialized tools and resources


Regular evaluations and reporting of results, identifying successes, weaknesses, and recommendations for follow-up projects to build upon the successes

How to Write a White Paper for an IT Audience

Read our 5-part series, a step-by-step tutorial on key decisions you need to make to create an effective white paper which will resonate with your target prospects. Our series is jammed with valuable insights based on our more than 20 years’ experience producing white papers for a wide range of IT clients, from industry leaders to SMBs to startups.

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