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Saratoga B2B Group at a Glance

When choosing Saratoga B2B Group, you benefit from the synergy of two skillsets not often found in the same company: SEO expertise and content marketing development.

Saratoga is also focused solely on the IT space, leveraging our years of experience developing content for IT audiences. From AI and cloud to mobile and cybersecurity – we are tech insiders who have written about it all. That means we can quickly grasp your company’s value proposition and write about it coherently. No more endless rounds of editing, saving you valuable time and resources as you move projects along more quickly.

We blend our IT and SEO expertise to generate more qualified website visitors and leads through services including:

  • SEO research to identify competitive opportunities we can exploit
  • Inbound marketing program content creation – including blog posts, website content, white papers, case studies and more – to educate prospects about your products and services. All content is informed by SEO research to deliver more of the right kind of visitors to your website via improved performance in Google organic search.
  • Google and LinkedIn paid ads, including campaign management, design and creation of compelling ads, and development of premium content to drive qualified decision makers to your website.


Our principals, Paul Desmond and Charley Spektor, have been working with B2B firms on lead generation, digital marketing and content creation since 2000, following more than a decade of IT trade press experience. 

The proven Saratoga B2B methodology improves our clients’ rankings in Google organic search, leading to marked increases in impressions and organic traffic.

Having worked with IT and other B2B companies for more than two decades, we know how to work efficiently and effectively with in-house teams and marketing leaders to develop sustainable strategies that lead to success.

Paul Desmond

Paul is the content guy. He’s been creating content for IT audiences for more than 30 years. Paul cut his teeth at the industry newsweekly Network World, serving as a reporter and editor for 11 years, dealing with a range of technologies. He later helped launch Redmond and (Neal Award Best Start-up winner) Redmond Channel Partner magazines. Since 2002, he’s been focused on producing content for B2B technology firms – meaning he’s been in content marketing since before the term was coined. He’s written hundreds of white papers, case studies and blog posts for clients ranging from CA and Cisco to Siemens and Schneider Electric. Paul works with in-house teams to plan, develop, and execute a content strategy that will attract new customers and retain current ones.

Charley Spektor

Charley has been creating B2B lead gen strategies, and executing campaigns for all sizes of B2B firms, since 2000. At IDG’s (now Foundry) Network World he co-developed one of the first ever online lead gen white papers programs for IT networking vendors. In 2002, he became the lead management executive and co-founder of TechTarget’s lead gen white papers program – still world class and going strong. In 2010, Charley added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to his lead-gen expertise. While at the award-winning Stone Temple Consulting digital agency, he spent 5 years as lead management consultant to Home Depot’s national SEO team, helping the company realize sustained, accelerated growth for targeted product categories. He now applies this know-how to artfully identify opportunities to help tech companies raise their profiles in Google search and generate qualified leads.

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